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Move over "biggest loser," this challenge was MADE for teachers and school staff!

Running a weight-loss challenge results in temporary health benefits but our program helps to create long lasting change.

  • Lessons delivered daily help teachers and staff understand the power of eating real foods and consistently getting movement in.
  • Daily check-ins through our app provide accountability and help to nurture long-lasting habits and behavior change.
  • Included strength and metabolic workouts that can be done at home or at a gym! Teachers can even do them as a group after school!
  • An optional, private Facebook group helps teachers and staff stay motivated while providing a place to ask questions and get support.
  • All of this is done-for-you and can be run with as little or as many participants, co-workers and friends as you would like!

Daily check-ins and lessons via our app

Daily lessons and check-ins delivered straight to your smartphone and/or email. Available for free on Android and iOS

Hear what former Challengers have said:

"During this challenge I learned to establish healthy rules for eating, routines and system to sustain the lifestyle and an unwavering mental mindset that wants to continue these habits so I can live my best life."

Abby B. - Kindergarten Teacher Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"I'm not the only one that benefited from the clean eating...the hubs has been loving the recipes and hates traveling for work even more now. And I feel better about enjoying a treat or two on the weekend without as much guilt."

Annette M. - Kindergarten Teacher Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"Instead of piling on all the healthy changes that one needs to implement to create a healthy lifestyle all at once, this challenge provides a step by step guide that helps create habits (Helps prevent feeling like a failure if you fall off the wagon)."

Michelle O. - 5th Grade Teacher Ruckersville, Virgina 

"The Fit Teacher Challenge has helped me because the group gives me accountability and support from individuals that understand the stresses of my job and the time it takes. I was able to lose over 20 lbs and turn my health around."

Melanie P. - PPCD Teacher San Antonio, Texas 

Our next challenge begins April 2nd, 2018 

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